Insight to the world
through the one lens

Global communication
and advertising

Independent integrated marketing agency providing intelligent international and diverse communications solutions

Our role is to turn a single lens view into a kaleidoscope through which clients see and understand diverse cultures in the context of their marketing objectives.

GMS is where cultures collide in understanding to give clients confidence to launch into new markets.

We build media strategy and execution with global benchmarked expectations for any market and any media.

Built for a global citizen by global thinkers.
Built with global attitude for global perspective

Uniquely independent with centralised intelligence and strategic planning for multi-market activation.

One agency cultivating end-to-end solutions in unique research, advertising and commerce.

We’re not afraid to break apart conventional service models

Delivering our clients intelligent rationale, from our competitive and sentiment landscape analysis to planning and executing the most thoughtful and effective media plans and content strategy.

This is the way we work to build reliable expectations and exceptional performance.

So, you’ll find we’re a little different to any agency you’ve worked with before but possibly exactly what you hoped for.

We've been busy

Reflecting diversity
through one lens.

We have a team of truly global citizens with experience in advertising and production across the UK, China, Hong Kong Malaysia, Japan and the USA.


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